Mike Dubs

Mon-Fri, 6pm-10pm

I am originally from Chicago and you guessed it I am a HUGE pizza lover and there isn't a pizza I won't try..unless it has anchovies on it! So point me in the direction of the best pizza places in the Twin Cities. I moved to Minnesota in the fall of 2015, and fell in love with the state. I love the lake bars here, and spending the weekends on Lake Minnetonka. I'm a sports guy (Baseball, Football, and Hockey) so in the winter I'm down to play some pond hockey. On Sunday’s I’ll be the one trying to start the SKOL Chant! Here are a few words to describe myself and what nights are like on BUZ*N: sarcastic, goofy, tastefully offensive, and full of the BEST and NEWEST country music! Hang with me on BUZ*N Mon-Fri from 7p-10p