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While On Stage Tyler Farr Was Mistakenly Tackled By A Security Guard

August 6, 2018

Here's one we've never heard before. A security guard thoughtTyler Farr was a fan going into a restricted area so he took him down. Hard. It was at his show in Minnesota.

He had jumped into the crowd to mix it up with the fans. Obviously, the security guy didn't recognize him. Tyler told Taste of Country, quote, "He was about 6' 5", and about 350 pounds.  I think. I didn't know what was going on. I was mad as hell, but yeah, he took me out." The crew had to convince the guard that he pounced on the wrong guy before he'd let him up. 

Tyler didn't get away clean, though.  Quote, "A sprained ankle and a big thump on the head later, and a little visit to the ER, and we're good to go."