Pizza Sent 2,300 Americans to the Emergency Room Last Year

September 10, 2018

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I LOVE pizza so much, why must it hurt people? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 2,300 Americans went to the emergency room last year because of pizza. The CPSC received reports of 63 pizza-related injuries last year, but based on its Epidemiology department’s calculations, it estimates that there were 2,300 ‘za accidents across the United States. But is that better or worse than previous years? “I wish we could make a call on how Americans are doing as far as eating pizza, but since the number of injuries is so low from year to year it wouldn’t be scientifically appropriate to say that the change in injuries is statistically significant,” Joe Galbo, the CPSC’s social media specialist, told MUNCHIES. The report also put a special focus on one 58-year-old guy, who went to the emergency room after he fell out of his bed reaching for some pizza (been there done that).

Here are the four main types of pizza injuries:

1. Bad cuts that happened when you're cutting it.

2. Burns.

3. Falling while you're making it.

4. Falling while you're picking it up from a restaurant.

I want to say Thank You to those that risk their lives making pizza for us!