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A New Study Says Seeing Concerts Raises Your Life Expectancy

August 1, 2018

There's a new study out involving health and going to concerts and for once, it isn't about how terrible concerts are for your ears, lungs, eyes, stomach, liver, and so on. Apparently, they're also good for your life expectancy. Very good.

A "scientific" study in Britain has found that going to concerts every two weeks can actually extend your life expectancy by nine years. According to the study, a person's 'well-being' is increased by 21% from just 20 minutes of watching a concert compared to 10% for doing yoga, and 7% for dog-walking.

That boost includes a 25% increase in feelings of self-worth a 25% increase in feeling close to others and a 75% increase in 'mental stimulation'. People who go to concerts every two weeks are also more likely to score well in happiness, contentment, productivity, and self-esteem. (You can read more about it, here. Yes, these results seem a little hard to believe, but a lot can be said for just letting loose and having a good time.)