The New Pistol Annies Album is Done

July 24, 2018

It's official:  There will be a third PISTOL ANNIES album.  ANGALEENA PRESLEY talked about it in an interview with "The Boot". Quote, "We just finished our third record two weeks ago.  We don't really have a release date, per se, yet, but the record is there."

Their last album was "Annie Up" in 2013.  That's the same year they canceled a bunch of shows but assured everyone that they weren't breaking up. Once we know the release date of the new album, we'll probably hear about a tour to promote it.  They won't be rusty, that's for sure.  They've been performing together a lot lately.  

Angaleena and ASHLEY MONROE joined MIRANDA LAMBERT last Saturday in Massachusetts to perform "Hell on Heels".  Miranda was there as part of the Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town.


(Careful:  There's crowd noise that could be hiding profanities.  Here's the link.)