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Miranda Lambert Grew Up Around Guns, and Still Carries One

August 21, 2018

"Time" magazine asked Miranda Lambert about her "relationship with guns." They brought up that she's a lifetime NRA member, and that she's had a handgun license since her early 20s. She's 34 now. As usual, she didn't step away.  

Quote, "My dad was a police officer, so early on I was taught gun safety, what guns were for, how to use them and when not to touch them. I've just grown up around them, so it's my normal. I'm a girl, I travel a lot by myself, and I like to carry to protect myself.  I know everybody has an opinion on it and it's polarizing, but for me it's just a way of life."

They also asked about the difference between being a solo act, and working with Pistol Annies. Quote, "Something about being together makes us a force to be reckoned with.  We can get more raw and rugged than we would alone." She said the new Annies album will have a "fall release" and it's going to be terrific. Quote, "I think it's the best writing we've ever done.  We've lived a lot of life since our last record.  I think it's three girls telling our story very bravely."