Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Luke Combs Says Chris Stapleton is a "Super Stallion"

October 9, 2018

Every new performer gets compared to a more famous artist at some point. For Luke Combs, it's Chris Stapleton, and that's a pretty tall order.  But there are reasons . . . besides both of them being big, burly dudes with beards. Luke's "This One's for You" is the fastest-selling debut album to go Platinum since Chris's "Traveller". Plus, they're both up for Top Male Vocalist at the CMAs.

Luke talked about it in an interview, and he was happy for the comparison. Quote, "It means a lot.  It's obviously awesome to be put in that category with him. He's a super-stallion himself, a great singer and obviously exploded on the scene."

The next question is will Luke have the same kind of staying power. I'm going with yes, because he's still working his tail off. Quote, "I've recorded a lot of songs. I've recorded a ton of songs in January.  I'm hoping to record a lot more this January. So the sophomore album could be two albums. There's enough songs for that, enough material for sure. Now it's kind of waiting to be able to release it."