Luke Bryan Is "Prideful" of His Old Fashioned Cocktail

September 13, 2018

If you owned your own nightclub what cocktail would your bartenders start making as soon as they saw you walk in the place?  In Luke Bryan's case, it'll be an Old Fashioned. He was waxing poetic about them while talking about his new 32 Bridge Food + Drink in Nashville.  The drink is typically madeby muddling sugar or syrup with bitters, then adding alcohol, and a twist of citrus. 

He's looking forward to them at his club, because they're tough to pull off at home. Quote, "When I go to make my Old Fashioneds at the house, I don't have my simple syrup I need, I don't have the muddler because one of the dogs has taken it out in the yard or something. So now the fact that I can come to my bar and have all my ingredients to make my perfect little Old Fashioned is going to be pretty exciting. I'm pretty prideful of my Old Fashioneds."