The Last Blockbuster Video Is Getting Its Own Beer

August 28, 2018

There's only one Blockbuster Video location left in the entire world. It's in Bend, Oregon. And even though we all know for a FACT that it's on borrowed time, it's living it up while it's still around. A brewery in Bend called 10 Barrel just teamed up with it to make a new beer. It's called The Last Blockbuster, and it's a dark ale with, quote, "nuances of red licorice."

The beer is going on sale on September 21st for a limited time. According to a statement released by the brewery, the beer -- which also sounds like the title of an extremely meta action comedy in the vein of Last Action Hero -- has a light body, smooth finish, and hints of nostalgia.” According to the label, there are “nuances of red licorice.” Presumably, it also has the ability to make anyone who drinks two immediately make regrettable “3 for $10” used DVD purchases, then wake up to the stunning realization that Steven Seagal still makes a shitload of movies in between trips to Russia.