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Kelsea Ballerni's Post-Show Party Includes...Cleaning?

July 29, 2018

Kelsea Ballerini may be one of country music's fastest rising superstars, but underneath all the glamour, she's truly just a regular person. Case in point? Check out what she does immediately after playing a show.

As she shared on her Instagram account, Ballerini's post-concert ritual apparently involves taking her dog Dibs for a walk...and cleaning up after nature's resulting calls.

In the hilarious video, Dibs runs off camera, and the singer looks resigned. Dog owners out there, you know what he's doing.

my post show party... ----

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"Hey," she calls out to a member of her crew. "I'm gonna need a bag...will you do me a favor? On this side of the bus, under the couch, in the drawer, there's some dog bags."

Although Ballerini may be living her best life as an ordinary human being with chores to do just like the rest of us, Dibs admittedly leads a somewhat fancy life for a canine. He pops up frequently in the singer's Instagram account, traveling to different places with her, receiving his own birthday cake, and most recently enjoying backstage benefits with an all-access pass adorably clipped to his collar.

Ballerini adopted Dibs when he was just a puppy back in 2015, and he's named after her single of the same name.