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Kane Brown on Finding His Own Sound, and Growing Up Around Racism

October 11, 2018

Kane Brown is having a heck of a year, right?  Let's start with those three wins at Tuesday's AMAs. According to CMT, he made history by being the most-awarded country star who had never won a single AMA before. And he's about to get another bump on November 2nd, which is when the short film, "Apple Music Presents: Kane Brown - Experiment" will premiere. It follows his transition from being a YouTube performer to a country star, and looks at the struggles he faced for NOT having a traditional country sound or look.

They released a preview clip and he gives his take on those experiences, as well as what it was like growing up in a mixed race household. 

Here are some highlights:

On his style: "They look at my tattoos, and my style that I wear my clothes, and it's always, 'Oh, Waylon [Jennings] and [Johnny] Cash are rolling in their graves right now.' Some people say I'm not country, but they don't really know how I grew up."

On growing up mixed-race: "I went through a lot being called the N-word, and running for my life thinking I was going to get killed."

On how he doesn't fit into a country stereotype:  "They have a picture of what they think country should look like. To me, I just want to make my own lane."

On discovering his own sound: "When I first started everybody asked me what my sound was and I didn't know what to say. But now if you ask me, I'd be like, 'I'm Kane Brown.'"  (You can listen to these quotes from the promo clip, here.)

All of this is tied into the release of Kane'snew album, "Experiment", which drops November 9th. And lest we forget, when all of this finally dies down he'll be getting married and taking some well-deserved time off.