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Jason Aldean Has Some Sweet New Furniture on His Tour Bus

September 24, 2018

The days when Jason Aldean stocked his tour bus full of adult libations to fuel a good time are gone. Instead, he's got some sweet new furniture. Quote, "I've got two cribs in the bus, which I never in the early days of my touring career thought I'd ever do. It's a lot different now than it was in the early part of my career. Things are settled down."

Obviously one crib is for his son Memphis, who's nine months. The other is for the future, he and his wife Brittany announced in June that they're expecting. Quote, "I got playpens sitting outside my bus on college football [days].  I'm watching college football and [Memphis] is in the playpen."

The other thing that's different these days is playing in Vegas. He was there Friday night, and honored first responders before the show, and thanked the city. Next Monday is the one-year anniversary of the shooting. He plans to be home.

Quote, "For us, that's a day that's hard to forget, to be back in Vegas this close to it is at times a little weird, but in another sense, it's nice to be back."



He also did a concert in San Diego on Thursday, and a lot of survivors were there to, quote, "finish the show."  A ton of people from Southern California were at the Vegas concert when the shooting happened.