It's National Taco Day, Which Means There Are Free Tacos Everywhere

October 4, 2018

Today is National Taco Day, but in a way, isn't EVERY day kind of National Taco Day? The good news is that a BUNCH of big Mexican food chains are giving away free tacos today. Except for Taco Bell their Taco Day promotion is that they're selling "gift sets" where you can pay $5 to buy four tacos for a friend.

Anyway, to keep you entertained from now until you start mainlining free tacos, here are some stats in honor of the holiday . . .

1. More than 95% of Americans say they like tacos, and 71% prefer tacos over burritos.

2. Three-quarters of us eat tacos at least once a month.

3. And the most popular taco meats are, in order: Carne asada, barbacoa, chicken, pork, and chorizo. The least popular meat?  Lengua, also known as COW TONGUE. 

TACO BELL - The big-time taco chain that began dishing up Mexican-American fare in California in 1962 is bringing back their National Taco Day Gift Set. For $5, customers can take down four hard shell tacos: the Crunchy Taco, Fiery, Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos. And it's already available online to buy for a pal.

ON THE BORDER - While this hot spot for Tex-Mex and margaritas is already running a limited special where Taco Tuesday lasts all day, everyday with $2 tacos, it's going even bigger for National Taco Day. Well, not necessarily big — but definitely endless. That's right: All day on Oct. 4, customers can enjoy $9 unlimited ground beef or chicken tinga tacos paired with Mexican rice, refried beans and bottomless chips and salsa.

TACO JOHN'S - Since tacos are totally worth celebrating all week long, Taco John's is giving out freebies from Monday to Friday. Just sign up or log into the Taco John's Rewards app and you could have a free Crispy Beef Taco in your hand once a day, every day for the whole week.