Here's How Keith Urban Took Jillian Jacqueline's New Song to the Next Level

August 20, 2018

Sometimes artists will collaborate on a song, and they never even see each other.  They may even record their part on the other side of the world. Fortunately for Jillian Jacqueline, that didn't happen when Keith Urban helped with her song, "If I Were You". She got a close-up look at how he works. Quote, "He invited me to his home studio while he recorded vocals and played guitar on it and it all came together in a couple of hours. He sang his parts flawlessly along with my vocals while I was sitting next to him on the floor. The song was very real to me when I [co-wrote] it, and is now one of the most special songs of my career because Keith is part of it with me.  His voice and guitar playing took this song to the next level, and I am so proud of it."

"If I Were You" came out Friday.  It's the first single from her upcoming EP, "Side B". No word when that'll be out.