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Country Music Stars' Worst Jobs

August 31, 2018

In honor of Labor Day, CARRIE UNDERWOOD talked about her first job.  It was at a gas station, and it was fun.  She also worked at a hotel, and because of some weird circumstances she ended up in charge on the second day.

Here are some other bad jobs once worked by some of your favorite stars.

  • When he first moved to Nashville, Eric Church worked for a home network shopping company overnight selling knives. He didn't last too long though, turns out one of the greatest song writers of our time was a terrible salesman! 
  • Jon Pardi says his worst job was at a grocery store when he was 15.  He didn't mind bagging, but he hated having to straighten up the canned goods in the aisles.
  •  MIDLAND singer Mark Wystrach grew up on a ranch in Arizona and at the age of six he was hauling manure and cleaning stalls.  But check this out:  He was a repo man in college.  Quote, "I used to repo cars.  People that would stop making payments.  That was really interesting, and I did that with two of my best friends."
  • Kip moore's worst job was laying sod in the Georgia heat.  Sometimes a co-worker would throw the next sod patch when his back was turned and he'd end up wearing it.  Quote, "You got nowhere to clean up, and you're just stuck with dirt on your back for the rest of the day."
  • During a summer working at Arizona's Lake Powell, Dierks Bentley had to clean 250-gallon portable toilets from the returning rental houseboats.