Chase Rice Believes He Could Have Played In The NFL

June 14, 2018

We've heard Chase Rice talk about playing linebacker at the University of North Carolina until injuries ended his dream of going pro. Well, he's very serious about the "going pro" part. He's convinced it would've happened if he could've stayed healthy. He tells PopCulture.com, quote, "[Music] is a deviation. Football was my plan. It was, 'Go play in the NFL. Go play in the NFL.' And then I got hurt.  

"And I was a good enough player. To play in the NFL, there's so many great players out there, everything's got to go your way, which it didn't for me." It's interesting that after Chase's dream ended, he became a country singer, which is a dream that so many other people have but never even get close to realizing.  And we haven't even brought up that he spent time in a NASCAR pit crew, AND was a runner-up on "Survivor" in 2010.  Does he have a lucky four-leaf clover or something?