Country Music Is The Smartest Music

February 14, 2018
As country music fans, we also, all know that country music is the most intelligent music available. Although country radio may, at times, suffer from the same unsophisticated usage of the country buzzwords i.e. tan legs, truck, moonlight etc…science has now confirmed what us country fans already knew. Country music has the most intelligent lyrics of the 4 main genres. So is country music really the smartest? According to this study from Seat Smart, the answer: is yes. It seems that there is a definite correlation here between the average length of song and the average grade level. However, it’s an inverse relationship — shorter songs actually have a higher grade level. So what does that mean? R&B/Hip Hop and Pop seem to be talking a lot and not saying much. Country music also boasted the number one smartest song over the last ten years and 5 of the top 10. Additionally,  not a single country song was featured in the top 10 dumbest songs.