Will you give blood to save the mosquitos?Friends knew Tyler was a blood donor and also that he is usually up for anything if there is a chance at making a buck. So I decided to test that resolve...I kinda failed!
Caught with Koffy - Overheard a little too much on a flight back to Minneapolis Greg was flying back from Charlotte with a layover in Atlanta when he her two ladies talking...about him.
Makin it Rain $1000 at MOA ? That's a Ride to Jail.
Little Big Town And The Five-Finger Discount On Video PropsAdmittedly I watched the TORNADO video from Little Big Town and was left wondering what just happened?
Callin it - Winter Is All But Done
Birthday Prank - Stuffing A BadgerCheck out Koffy's latest birthday prank!
PONTOON Parody: ON THE ICE SOON I think my feet are frozen...Mmmmm Bobbers Floatin' On the Ice Soon.
"Lunch with Koffy and Doughnuts"A newspaper in Wisconsin wrote an article about Koffy!
BOOST that Mood 50%!! I Forgot what I came here for. We kicked it off early this morning with our # 4 WCCO talk.
Tapeworms and Direct TVOK so two days in a row of weight loss stories, but this was to good to hold on to. Ridiculous - YES but people are doing these things.

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