Man Teaches Rabbit To Fetch Him Beer (Watch)I gotta get me a rabbit that I can teach to do this!
Young Justin Timberlake Sings GarthThis is SO CUTE! Watch!
Jake Owen With LUCKY Local Girl! Jake Owen was in Bemidji and brought this little girl on stage, awwwww!
Dogs Are Confused By Magic Too! Aww, these dogs don't know where the treat went!
Dear Diary, Love TJMy Diary entry about the weekend...ER visits plus Hide & Seek.
The Ladies Room: Aww This Dog HAS To Hold Hands!Dog is a little co dependent, needs to hold his owners hand while driving.
Stall Secrets: SUPER Cute New Hairstyle to Try! Fall Hair Trend
The Ladies Room: Watch This Man and His Chihuahua Do Yoga!Cutest dog ever!
TJ's Trash: The Two BEST Videos You Will See Today! Goosebumps watching Jerrod's new video and a little boy dancing before a Flatts show!
Stall Secrets: New Gold Leaf Trend! Would you wear this new gold leaf trend?
Bathroom Blog: Wishing you a Very Merry...Well, Lots of Things. My last ramblings for the year.
TJ's Trash: $800,000 Dog! Watch this dog dance and win $800,000 for it!

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