Some Guy Checked His Can Of Beer After The Airline Wouldn't Let Him Fly With itI never knew you could do this!
Labatt No Longer Giving Retirees Lifelong Free BeerFor those who are of age and fancy themselves the occasional, or not-so-occasional, pint of beer, once in a while it’s natural to wonder what it might be like if it were free.
Is Beer Better In A Bottle Or Can?Does beer taste better in a bottle or can?
The Music You're Listening To Affects How Your Beer TastesBeer taste better when you're listening to country music, you don't need a study to determine that!
Watch: We Need To Play This On The Lake This SummerHuman Beer Pong!
Watch: Craig Morgan Bought Beer for the Soldiers and Veterans at His ShowThis is why Craig Morgan is still awesome!
Now You Can Get Drunk With Your DogYou and your dog can get drunk on a Saturday night!
This Summer Drink America...Well BudweiserAmerica now a beer
This Brewing Company Makes Beer Out Of What!?Would you drink this beer?!
Watch: Apparently Drinking Budweiser Is Better Than Going To Disney WorldWhen you're an old QB and going to Disney World isn't fun, the only thing to do is drink a lot of Busweiser
Watch: Guy's Beer Freezes Mid Stream At Yesterday's Vikings GameThis guys beer turns into a slushie mid stream
Watch: College Goalie Chugs A Keystone Light During A TimeoutChuggin' Beers and Stopping Pucks is what this goalie does.

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