Bathroom Blog: Grab Your Tissues, Luke Bryan Is AwesomeGrab your tissues
Bathroom Blog: Graduation Cat Cake! This cake is awesome!
Bathroom Blog: Minneapolis Ice Cream! What would Minneapolis ice cream taste like?
BATHROOM BLOG: HA! Singing on Delayed Flight!Hey, if you have to be stuck on a plane hope they are as fun as this!
Bathroom Blog: Want This AMAZING Shirt! Read my latest blog!
Bathroom Blog: Go See This Movie! Randomness about the weekend and some fun pictures!
Bathroom Blog: I'm For Sale! Really. Well, I can cross "be auctioned off for a date" off my bucket list! Raising money to find a cure for childhood cancer. Help. Please?
Bathroom Blog: Mom's Awesome Iphone Rules! A must read if your kids are begging for a phone.
Bathroom Blog: Wishing you a Very Merry...Well, Lots of Things. My last ramblings for the year.
Bathroom Blog: All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies...Go to Maple Grove!Top 15 places to live if you are single, lake homes, DIY headboards, and the girl on Blake's Team that I've met!
Bathroom Blog: Parking Garages, Boots, Birthdays, Covered Football Arenas, Homecoming, Eye Shadow and Big Bird. Whew.Apparently there is a lot on my mind.
Bathroom Blog: "Well That's it Then, I'm Dead"Something sooo gross happened this morning

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