Brad Paisley’s autobiography Diary of a Player: How My Musical Heroes Made a Guitar Man Out of Me is a must read for any country music fan or guitar player.

The book dives into the start of his music career, many of his major influences, as well as some of his personal life. Throughout the chapters, Brad also provides these witty tips below to anyone learning to play the guitar.

1. Buy a strap.

This is going to be a beautiful, bumpy ride.

2. Practice makes perfect.

Or at the very least, practice makes you a little less lousy.

3. Start off acoustic.

You’ll have a lifetime to get plugged in.

4. Don’t play mad.

But if you do, play furious.

5. Play what you know.

Or at least, what you should know.

6. Don’t play to impress someone.

Unless that someone is really hot.

7. Don’t just read the music.

Be the music – Or write the music. It pays better.

8. Don’t fret those frets.

They are your friends.

9. They call it playing, so have fun.

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