A couple from Loveland, Colorado thought way outside the box when launching a Kickstarter this past week for their boozy deodorant, Pit Liquor. Say that again? Pit. Liquor. “Local, organic, crazy-effective deodorant made from whiskey, vodka, and other entirely edible, entirely body-friendly ingredients,” says their page.

Their idea formed from the inability to tolerate the slimy residue some organic deodorants leave. While pregnant, the co-founder challenged her husband to think of a product that would actually work, meaning not be so harsh smelling and not be filled with an unearthly amount of chemicals. She decided to give her pits a squirt of hand sanitizer for temporary relief while her husband pondered. Boom. Distilled Bath and Body was created.

Alcohol has been a key ingredient in many cleansing products (hand sanitizer, witch hazel, etc.) so it makes sense when they say that the alcohol in the deodorant is killing germs and other bacteria in your underarms. Whiskey Lavender is the default 1 oz spray bottle you’ll receive if you pledge $7 or more to their Kickstarter. With a goal of $12,000 by November 22, Distilled Bath and Body has already hit almost $8,500 in the matter of a few days! No, it will not make you drunk so please don’t consume this product. I know where your head is at because same. I’m worried for us.

 Whiskey Deodorant Is A Thing!

Credit: Pit Liquor

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