For the first time this year, country music is on top of the Billboard Top 200 albums chart and we have Thomas Rhett’s Life Changes to thank for it. Not only can Life Changes claim the top album in the world right now, but it’s a damn good one.

Rhett’s country pop fusion is well polished and his songwriting (he co-wrote 10 of the 14 songs on it) skills show maturity and depth. As always I like to look at an album for the little nuggets of musical wisdom it can provide and with Thomas Rhett’s rockstar life as a 27 year old father and husband, his insight is next to none.

Here’s some life lesson from the #1 smash album Life Changes.

1. Good love is addicting.

“I never had something that I can’t walk away from // But, girl, my self-control’s so paralyzed.”

2. Your life can change forever in one night.

“Oh, I told you I was gonna marry you // You probably didn’t think that it was true.”

3. You’ll get there eventually, learn to enjoy the present.

“Now I’m twenty five, and I’m drinkin’ wine with my wife at home // Got a couple dogs and a couple songs on the radio // And we sit around, and we laugh about how we used to be // When all we cared about was turning sixteen.”

4. All you need for a good time is a little beer and little music.

“So we’re gonna drink a little beer, play a little music // And have a big time tonight.”

5. I you love someone, let them know before it’s too late.

“I remember the night when I almost kissed her // Yeah, I kinda freaked out, we’ve been friends forever // And I’d always wonder if she felt the same way // When I got the invite, I knew it was too late.”

6. Show up late. Leave the party early.

“Baby, you and me can leave right now // Ditch all your friends, and the guy you came with // Get to know you where it ain’t so loud.”

7. Life is for living. Live it up.

“Steal a kiss, act a fool, hop a fence, find a pool // Flying free, like a drink, we’re smooth like the summer.”

8. You can have a plan for your life. God has a better one.

“You never know what’s gonna happen // You make your plans and you hear God laughing // Life changes, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, the world.”


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