Get To Know Walker Hayes

“You Broke Up With Me” from Walker Hayes is pretty much the jam of the summer and taking over every country radio station! But just who is this Walker Hayes that will be here Oct 27 with Thomas Rhett at the X?

He was the dude who had hair down to his shoulders, working at Costco, drinking heavily, six kids and can’t even barely pay my mortgage. And the stuff he was writing was so weird. But where did his inspiration for his hit song come from? The song’s true inspiration, he’s quick to point out, was the way he felt about music industry contacts dropping him when he lost an earlier record deal and coming around again once his prospects improved.

What’s your guilty pleasure music or song? (Whiskey Riff) 
Any slapstick song always gets me. But honestly, I’m so anti-guilty pleasure. I don’t feel like anybody should feel guilty if they turn up a song and it just blows their mind. I’m always trying to teach my kids, don’t love Willie Nelson just because everybody loves him, but also don’t love somebody just because nobody has ever heard of them. Just love who you like, turn it on and just give it a chance. But I mean honestly, my favorite female singer was always Mariah Carey, so as a dude I definitely don’t walk up into a bar like “Guess who I love, Mariah!” I love hits and usually the ones that get on people’s nerves, like “Call Me Maybe” and stuff like that, I can listen to them more times than most people.

If you’re not working on music, where would we find you?
If I’m not working on music, first of all, that’s just odd, that’s just my drug. But if I’m not working on music, I’m always with my kids. They play a lot of sports and like today, I had a day off so we were just at the baseball field hanging out.

Can you spill any details about your upcoming album?
We’ve cut pretty much everything. I’d say 70 or 80% of the album are songs from the 8tracks, we just put a band around them. As far as songs, I can’t say which ones are on and off because those will change, but we’re looking at a fall release. We’ve definitely created a sound, obviously the 8tracks have their own sound, and the album adds a whole ‘nother element to the music and I think people are going to love it.

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