1. Having to explain that St. Paul is the capital – Minneapolis may get all the glory, but St. Paul is indeed the capital. It’s a fact that baffles many outsiders, who automatically assume otherwise.

2. Suffering through Mall of America visits when hosting out-of-state visitors – We Minnesotans understand why people want to visit the Mall of America. But that doesn’t mean we love going there. In fact, many of us dread playing tour guide at the giant mall.

3. Accidentally insulting Wisconsin in front of a Wisconsinite – Oops. “Accidentally” is used very loosely more of a rivalry than any real malice.

4. Being asked to pronounce certain words by non-Minnesotans – We get it. We sound funny to you. No, we will not say “boat” again. Or “milk.” Or anything that rhymes with those words. Thanks.

5. Having to ask a stranger to jump your car – No one likes needing help. But asking a stranger for it is an awkward moment that you’ll probably have to endure if you live in Minnesota. Luckily, most people are nice about jumping your car or helping you through a slippery intersection.

6. Trying to go to a liquor store on a Sunday – Showing up to a store only to realize they’re closed? Terrible. It’s even worse when you then realize you have to drive to an entirely different state to make your purchase. Luckily, Minnesotans won’t have to deal with this for much longer. But still, the awkward memory lives on.

7. Slipping on an icy sidewalk – With such rough winters, it’s bound to happen. And no matter who’s around, it’s always an embarrassing moment.

8. Eating the last piece of anything – We may be known for leaving it behind, but most of us have actually gone for the last piece of cake, pie, or hot dish from time to time. But without fail, as soon as we’ve finished our last bite, we’ll find out someone else wanted it. Oops.

9. Following an out-of-town guest to their car when they leave – We’ve had to learn the hard way that a long goodbye is not commonplace everywhere. Out-of-towners may wonder why we’re following them through the house, onto the porch, and out to the driveway – all while maintaining conversation. But that’s just standard procedure in these parts.

10. Cheering for the losing team – Everyone loves an underdog, right? Minnesotans have certainly proven that they do. We always root for our teams, even when they’ve let us down again and again.

11. Having to explain that Fargo is not in Minnesota – Classic movie aside, “Fargo, Minnesota,” just does not sound right. It’s in North Dakota, and Minnesotans are always the first to let you know. It usually comes right after we refuse to speak in one of the exaggerated accents made famous by the Coen brothers.

12. Dressing inappropriately for the weather – You’d think we would have seasonal dressing down, but it’s hard with weather as crazy as ours. We may leave the house in a heavy coat and come home with our sleeves rolled up. It’s hard to plan for, so our clothing choices often look a little weird to outsiders.

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