Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

Less than 2 weeks from my due date. I think I’m still in denial. I never pictured myself as a mom so it’s kinda strange to try and picture it now but she’s coming and soon! I’d be fine if she wanted to come now EXCEPT I don’t want to miss St. Patrick’s Day/Old Dominion/Miranda concert tomorrow and I also don’t want to miss Locash on the 23rd. So I mean, if she could work around my concert schedule that would be great!

I wrote a blog a month or so back and mentioned I couldn’t have an epidural because of a bleeding disorder I have. Well, turns out shortly after I posted that blog the THIRD Dr. I’ve seen for my “disorder” said that I was misdiagnosed…TWICE. That I do not in fact have this disorder and people with O+ blood typically have low levels and if I choose to have an epidural she’ll sign off on it! Which is GREAT news right?! Aside from all the epidural horror stories everyone told me to make me feel better haha Also, how does someone get misdiagnosed TWICE and once by a Dr. at Mayo?? And because my anxiety is out of control I’m like “maybe SHES wrong and the other two Drs are RIGHT and SHE is misdiagnosing me?” Pregnancy anxiety is legit and now I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, I just want everyone to end up healthy at this point.

I’m obsessed with not waddling when I walk…turns out…that’s not a thing. I went to MOA on Friday all day, at 9 months pregnant, and I feel like I should get an award for that ish. By the end of the day, I waddled.

A lot of people ask me if I have any weird cravings and I really don’t, I have THE worst heartburn/acid reflux in life so eating is a challenge.
But anyway, one day I was craving a DQ ice cream cake and when I DO crave something I try to take advantage so I was thinking “I cant just go buy myself an entire $30 ice cream cake” (I mean I AM growing a human…but I still felt guilty) so I had the girl who worked there write this on my cake!
cake 2 Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

Side Note: my fiance’ put the cake away in the fridge, the next morning he showed me my melted cake. I just said put it in the freezer I’ll still eat it but when he came home that night he had THIS! haha cake Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

I also need to thank all the amazing people in my life. We had the most amazing shower at Bear Town in White Bear Lake, which BTW it was HARD to find a place and they have a back room I didn’t know about and the most AMAZING sandwiches. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a place to have a small gathering.

shower3 Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

shower6 Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

Also, shoutout to my personal chef friend Sela, she made these Disney cupcakes that were hands down the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, she decorated and did some of the catering. So many good things were said, so if you need someone to come in and cater/plan a party, call my girl! https://www.facebook.com/ChefSelary1/
shower2 Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

shower5 Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

And of course thank you to my friend Holly who helped put on the shower, my parents, Ricky’s mom and aunt, our friends, other family, our AMAZING listeners who have given me gifts, our little girl is so loved and you have no idea how happy that makes us. I’m sure you’ll get to meet her soon. I’m totally the girl in “Sweet Home Alabama” with a baby in a bar 😉
How cute is this though?! shower4 Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

One last thing because my mom has this crazy talent, making these ELABORATE, AMAZING diaper cakes that I’ve now pressured her to start taking more serious and start an online boutique. She’s working on the site now which will launch soon ambrielleavonna.com but right now she’s posting all the cakes she’s made on Instagram so if you wanna give her a follow or to check out the cakes she’s made her insta is Instagram.com/ambrielleavonna She makes them all custom, organic, generic, whatever you want, just pick a theme and price! At the BUZ’N half DUZ’N the BUZ’N staff wanted to get Lee Brice a gift for his first daughter on the way so we had her make a pink camo themed cake and it turned out SO cute!

Here’s a pic of Lee and I with it!

lee diaper cake Less Than 2 Weeks Away!
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