By Koffy In The Morning

Stoked about the tool that just showed up! A freaking SAWMILL!  On our property we have A LOT of dead standing trees, good trees, Black Walnut, Maple, Oak varieties, and more.

I did some board foot calculations and this mill will literally pay for itself based on what I already have laying on the ground behind the shop.

Ordered it, shipped it, delivered it – but CRAP the tractor wouldn’t start to get it off the semi trailer!  I called the driver before he got to the house and explained the situation.  He said, “I’m in RUSH CITY so you have about an hour to get it started.”

Uuuuuuggghhhhh.  The tractor does have a plug in heater but apparently that isn’t enough!  LOL  So I ran in the house and grabbed a comforter and a space heater…..and uh…it worked! hahahaha

I remembered as a kid my dad would take hot coals out of the wood boiler, put them in an oil pan and slide them under things we couldn’t get started – so same theory. Not the first to do it but a first for me.

The driver helped navigate the crate off the trailer and then I could tell he wanted NO part of 8 degrees and my little tractor’s bouncing this thing down the driveway, there was no chit chat, hahahaha, he was on his way.

I can’t wait to get it assembled and start turning dead trees into STUFF!

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