The idea was tossed around about me starting a “baby blog” of some type for our website. At first I totally thought that would be fun but then as time went on I realized basically every blog would be me whining about something…sooo I decided against that idea haha Don’t get me wrong I know how blessed I am and I know that there are women who would trade places with me in a second but long story short it hasn’t been easy for me, a lot of being sick and pain and I’m not an awesome “sick” person, I’m a huge whiney cry baby basically.

Here’s an Eighth month update, some of it is complaining, some of it is TMI, some of it is because I don’t know any better and some of it is super personal so read on if you aren’t a judgey mcjudgerson or don’t mind lots of TMI.

A#1) The Secret Mom Blog Code
I basically Google everything which usually brings me to the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” or “Baby Center” message boards. So as I’m skimming through them I see women using “LO” “DH” “SO” I literally had ZERO idea what any of this meant until a week ago when I saw my sister respond to a post on facebook asking about her “Little one” and she asked “how is your LO?” HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT THESE CODES MEAN? “SO” I assume was “Significant other” I’m still not sure but HOW in the world would I guess that “DH” is “darling husband”?? No one says that. So yea, if someone could have given me a mom message board key that would have been helpful.

A#2) Have a Change of Clothes With You At All Times
Not saying it could happen to you, not saying it won’t but have a change of clothes with you at all times. I had heard about women losing control of their bladders AFTER baby but no one told me it was possible while pregnant every time I laugh, sneeze, and cough I will not be able to control my bladder no matter how many Kegels I can do. The week I had strep and couldn’t stop coughing? I literally had to buy depends at 3am and leave work early because I peed my pants so often. So that’s fun. Once, I puked all over myself AND peed my pants I coughed so hard WHILE DRIVING. (TMI) but that ish happens and someone should have warned me.

A#3) My Mom Legit Thought I Was An Alcoholic
Sure I go to a lot of concerts and events with alcohol, I drink. I didn’t really think I drank “a lot” per say but I have a good time. I learned over Christmas, when I wasn’t drinking alcohol that when they “joked” about me drinking too much it wasn’t really a joke, it wasn’t until I was pregnant and haven’t had any alcohol that my mom was confident I am not in fact an alcoholic.

A#4) Baby Showers Are Awkward
I’ve thrown multiple baby showers, they went well. Having a shower thrown FOR you? Entirely different. First, I think they are so awkward, it’s super uncomfortable for me to send out an invite for people to buy me stuff. Haha Registering is the same thing, I’m just going through stores, picking things for people to buy for me. I’ve been to a ton of showers so obviously I know how they work and I’m probably driving everyone crazy trying to help plan instead of just letting them do their thing haha but I feel bad! The entire process from trying to find a place, making sure everyone is invited that wants to come, trying to pick a convenient date, giving enough notice for people, opening gifts while everyone stares at you…etc. it’s all kind of awkward for me. I even ran out of invitations and had to text a picture of said invitation to some people because it was too late to order more.

PS here’s our invitation! Isn’t it cute?! See A#3 fact. babyshower Why Didnt Anyone Tell Me About These Pregnancy Things?!

A#5) Hypno-Birthing Classes Are Amazing
I want the drugs. Birth TERRIFIES me. (personal disclosure) we were in the process of freezing embryos to have someone else’s uterus carry our baby at a future time when surprise! I got pregnant. I have some small medical issues that just make this entire process a little extra scary. I was just told an epidural will NOT be an option for me so my anxiety level is at an all time high but these classes we’ve been taking have been a blessing. I recommend them for anyone pregnant even if you want the drugs too it helps with anxiety, fear, stress etc. Two thumbs up!

Side note: If you are doing a hypno-birthing class don’t go when you have been coughing more than normal because the entire class will be in their hypno trance, in the dark all relaxed, and then BAM you cough the loudest, deep from your lungs cough you possibly can and then you’re the person who ruined hypno-birthing on the first day of class

A#6) I Need Your Help

These are things I need to research and spend time trying to find the right place/person but it’s always best to start with recommendations. So if you get a few moments to comment on the facebook post, or below, or even email me too I’d appreciate a recommendation!

1. Now that it’s official no epidural I was thinking of hiring a doula, do you have anyone you’d recommend? What are your experiences? Did it make a difference for your birth?
2. Pediatricians in White Bear Lake area
3. In home day cares, nanny’s etc for when I come back to work
4. Any good maternity photographers you love?

8 more weeks until I get to meet my daughter! PS I forgot to share with you our Christmas photo! These shirts were fun!
dearsanta Why Didnt Anyone Tell Me About These Pregnancy Things?!

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