By Mike Dubs

This is the State Of Hockey! Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what season it is Minnesota Eats, Sleeps, and Breaths hockey! At the All-Star break the Wild are on top in the Western Conference, so what kind of fans are the worst at a hockey game? Here they are:

#5) The “Hey If I Stand Up In The Middle Of Play And Turn Around Toward The Camera, My Family Will See Me On Tv” person – This person told somebody earlier that day that they’d be going to the hockey game. That person then texts the person during the game and says, “Omg I’m watching, where are you sitting, stand up next time the puck is near you so I can see you”. Then this person stands up right in your face as if nothing is going on, on the ice just to turn around and wave to the camera!

#4) The Random Jersey Person – I’ve never understood this at all! I always thought it was dumb and irrelevant to wear another teams jersey to a game and that team isn’t even playing. For example, this person shows up to a Hawks vs Wild game wearing an Edmonton Oilers Gretzky jersey. Sure, it’s the great one. But the reasoning behind wearing any old hockey jersey just because you’re going to a hockey game is ludicrous. Be better, buy a Haula shirt and wear it to the game!

#3) Whoever Starts The Wave – It always amazes me when the wave really gets going. You always notice its some drunk guy who doesn’t care about the game. That one person in the entire stadium just ruined the night for the other thousands of people in attendance. To be fair, the night was probably ruined already because the only time the wave really gets broken out is if the home team is doing terrible. Now not only do you have to watch your favorite team lose, but now every 53 seconds your entire section stands up and screams as if it’s the first time they’ve ever experienced this!

#2) The Glass Banger – When I was a little kid I wanted nothing more than to sit on the glass for a hockey game! If you ever get the chance to sit on the glass don’t be that person to keep banging on the glass every time a puck battle comes near you. The players won’t stop and wave or notice you, they are battling for the puck and you’re just ruining the game for everyone around you. But if your team scores and they come celebrate by you then feel free to bang on the glass all you want!

#1) The SHOOT/Fan Coach Person – There’s a reason why these people are number 1! These people always drive me insane at a hockey game and I’m going to say they drive you crazy as well! These people think they know the game better than anybody else around them, including the players and coaches on the ice and you hear them yapping away the whole game behind you! They also yell shoot 30 million times during the game! Just sit down, shut up, and enjoy the game!

Shout out to Barstool Sports for this ranking

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