These 11 Reasons Are Why Minnesota Does Winter Better Than Everyone Else

When I first moved here I didn’t know what to expect come winter time. I have been here almost 2 years now, and have experienced 2 winters. I can honestly say that no one does winter better than Minnesota! Here’s why:

1. We’re Always Prepared – Most of us keep at least a shovel and some jumper cables in the trunk of our car – and some even have a whole emergency kit.

2. We Have Lots Of Stuff To Do In The Snow – Sledding, Hockey, Snowmobiles..that just for starters!

3. But We Have Amazing Indoor Activities, Too – You know, for when it gets just a little too cold. Free activities like the Minneapolis Institute of Art or the conservatory at Como Park are super fun things to do inside.

4. We Help Each Other Out – That’s what Minnesota Nice is all about, right? And in winter, people are even more willing to help out a stranger. It’s not uncommon to see someone stop to push a stuck car or jump a dead vehicle.

5. We Have An Alternate Mode Of Transportation – If there’s enough snow – and the destination isn’t too far – a snowmobile will do in a pinch. They’re even better if you don’t have a destination in mind. A snowmobile joyride is a must-do winter activity in Minnesota.

6. We Make Use Of Our Lakes Even When They’re Frozen – If sitting in a tiny makeshift house staring at a hole in the floor, you might be from Minnesota. But ice fishing is an essential winter activity here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. But that’s not all we do on water. The bravest among us will even take a dip into the icy water by participating in a polar plunge.

7. We Don’t Even Have To Go Outside – If we go downtown, that is. The skyway systems in Minneapolis and St. Paul are a godsend when the temperature dips below zero.

8. A Trip To The Cabin Is Even Better In The Winter – Minnesotans lucky enough to have a cabin in the woods to escape to may love winter even more. What’s better than watching the snow fall from the window of a cozy cabin?

9. Every Once In A While, We Get A Snow Day – Honestly, what’s better than a snow day? They’re so rare and so unexpected that it’s hard not to get excited about all that snow.

10. The Best Snow Sculptures – At least, some of us do. But even a humble snowman makes every extra inch of snow that much more worth it.

11. We Start Summer At 40 Degrees – You know it’s spring in Minnesota when people put away their winter boots no matter what. For the first days of spring, only flip flops will do.

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