By Koffy In The Morning

Wow that time flew fast!  Our little girl isn’t so little anymore.

I have worked with her and worked with her and she does really well(experts will debate that), with me.  Everyone else is a big “I don’t care what you say.” Honey Bear is headed to camp for a few weeks to learn, learn, learn!

I had a lot of inner dialogue about the decision and outer dialogue with my wife.  I arrived at the fact that I am not an expert dog trainer, Honey is an amazing dog, and for all the responsibility that comes with owning a dog with her size and energy, I don’t want to ruin her with my bullheadedness of saying I can do it.

I am really excited to bringing her to in Hudson.  We went for a consult a couple weeks ago and were so impressed and excited with what Honey Bear will be able to accomplish with the proper training.  I’ll be honest, I’m genuinely so confident in knowing this is the right thing to do for her that I don’t have any anxiety about it.  Her drop off is after Thanksgivign and she will be home before New Years.  I am going to miss her terribly but the dividends will be immeasurable.

Check back for updates!

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