By Brian Ives 

There are a lot of subjects that pop up often in country lyrics these days, and “boots” would be high up on that list. And boots are pretty central to the Cadillac Three’s latest album, Bury Me in My Boots.

“Eric Church has a song called ‘These Boots,’ and that’s a moment at his show when everyone takes their boots and holds them up,” frontman Jaren Johnston tells  “The cool thing about a boot… I’ve been all over the world in these boots. These boots have been on every stage that I’ve been on in in the last year and a half. Think about the stories this boot, if it could talk, would tell. There’s a lot of good things about boots, man, they can tell good stories.”

He also notes that they make him a bit taller, and also: “We thought the [album] cover would look really cool, with three pairs of our boots. We’re all very proud of the record. And that riff on ‘Bury Me in My Boots,’ even [ZZ Top’s] Billy Gibbons would say ‘Hell, yeah.’ We’re excited: [the album’s] fourteen songs of ‘Hell, yeah!'”

cadillac three cover The Cadillac Three Talk Boots and The South

Johnston notes that the record is notably different from their self titled debut from 2012: “The record is pretty much three years of us traveling the world. The first record we did in four or five days in a little room in Nashville. This [album] was the exact opposite. This kinda shows where we’ve been, all the songs were written on the back of a bus, most of the vocals were done on the back of a bus because we travel so much. ‘Bury Me in My Boots’ was the only one that all three of us sat down and wrote together. And that’s kinda why we called the record that.”

They also show their southern pride on another song, appropriately titled “The South,” where they shout out Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and “Carolina,” among other places: “‘The South’ was literally me trying to come up with a mix between ‘Kashmir’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’

And being away from the south while on tour has made them long for home: “It’s funny, how much more we appreciate the south, now that we’ve been traveling everywhere. Especially, just spending two days in New York City, I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to get on that bus tonight. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with it: it’s just the hustle-bustle. And the way that we party: this town never sleeps, so we never sleep!”

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Bassist/guitarist Kelby Ray adds, “I’m feeling it right now!”

Johnston says, “Whether you’re talking about Nashville or Florida or Louisiana where my family is from, it’s just… slower. Man, none of us would ever live anywhere else. We’re just real proud of it. And growing up, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and all these bands sing about where they’re from and how they’re proud of it, it’s kind of cool to have our own version of that thing and be proud of it. So we wear it pretty thick.”

The Cadillac Three will be spending a bit more time in the south; they’ve got a few more dates opening for Florida Georgia Line. From there, they might get a bit homesick, as they’re going to Europe in November. Never miss a Cadillac Three date at Eventful.

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