by Jay Tilles

The Oak Ridge Boys‘ Duane Allen was on a tear this weekend.

Speaking through a series of retweets, the 49 year old lead singer blasted away at the President for his handling of ISIS, the domestic terror threat, the administration’s policy regarding Iran’s future nuclear production and President Obama’s financial recover plan.

Allen retweeted a video commentary from One America News Network‘s Tomi Lehren, who delivered a strongly worded op-ed criticizing Obama for his “failed strategy, half way, half baked tip toe, be-friendly-to-jihadist’s mentality, pushed by this administration. Be a Leader. Someone.” Lehren’s video went viral this weekend.

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Allen most recently posted a tweet revealing that during a speech about Iran’s nuclear plan, the country’s supreme leader has a machine gun leaned against the podium.

It’s probably safe to say Allen will not be voting Democrat in 2016.


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