Here’s What I Learned Talking With Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood‘s Greatest Hits album will be out Tuesday (Dec 9th), so I got to talk to her today, annnnd I learned stuff. This is my first time talking to her—crazy, considering I’ve been in radio since she’s won A.I., but here is what I learned.

She is normal. Like, WAY more normal than I expected her to be. I mean, she IS Carrie Underwood. Side Note: Interviews can be so awkward, and I didn’t feel like I was doing an interview at all, just felt like I was chattin’ with my girl.

Carrie and her husband are worth a combined $100 million (I read that somewhere, she didn’t tell me that haha), and yet she said things like, “Is the most expensive car seat better and safer? I look for the sales, I like the sales” (when talking about buying baby clothes). I would be like, “GIVE ME THE ENTIRE STORE WHOCARESIHAVE100MILLIONDOLLARS!!!”

She LIKES doing lunges. I repeat she LIKES doing lunges.

She also enjoys wearing heels and make-up. She wears both for herself. No other reason. Just because it makes her feel better. (I wish more women would do things for themselves because it makes YOU feel good and that’s it, no other reason.)

She tells me a rumor she’s heard about Beyonce’s workout…which I agree miiiiight be true. (Not something I could EVER do, but Carrie probably could.)

And…she’s funny! After today I love her even more than I already did. Forever my #WCW

Listen below to my chat with Carrie!

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