UPDATE: Meeting Hunter Hayes…Kinda

As you watch her video, when it hits the 1:30 mark she gets a nervous look on her face.  Then the caption on the screen explains why.  I don’t know this girl, from her Twitter Feed it looks like she lives in New Zealand and is a HUGE Hunter Hayes fan.  So this was fun to do!

So I thought – well why not let get Hunter to see it?  I showed him her video, he wrote a quick message and we snapped a picture.

Here is the letter -Rachel Blogged/wrote us this morning


So 140 characters on twitter can’t explain my thoughts and thank yous so I will write it here! 🙂

In this cover, the thought (as shown in the caption on the video) did actually pop into my head while I was playing the guitar and I was so scared that I was gonna mess up and have to do the cover all over again because I had done it so many times and my fingers were hurting but I laughed off the thought because I knew for sure Hunter would never, ever watch it and no one would see the tiny mistake I did during it.

There was no else that had done a guitar cover for Tattoo so I thought why not and because I really loved the song! But I did not expect anyone to watch it let alone have it viewed in Wisconsin..? (Bucket list of places I need to visit!!) or even have it shown to my hero, my inspiration, the one and only Hunter Hayes!

Anyways, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to BUZ’N @ 102.9 and especially to Paul Koffy for deciding to show Hunter my guitar cover – I even replied to Paul saying, “you’re kidding…” because I truly thought it was a joke… and it stills blows my mind!! I’m also still trying to wrap my head around how this all happened (please tell me how you came about to finding and choosing my cover).

Living so far away in New Zealand, it’s hard for a massive fan like me to make my way to America and see him in concert/meet him or even get noticed. No doubt I will 100% miss out on yet an amazing tour that Hunter is putting out for your Fall season and so things like this article/photo/shoutout makes me so incredibly happy!! Hunter is such a down to earth person and hands down an amazing human being.

Secondly, thank you for getting him to write a message for me!! Hunter was actually the one who inspired me to keep playing the guitar and not give up because his songs made me want to play along with my guitar and for him to write that message/compliment me means THE world!! And I hope I can get it soon because I can then place it on my wall and have it be a reminder – it’ll be one of the few things I will no doubt treasure forever.

Lastly, thank you so very much for making a girl all the way from the other of the world cry tears of joy but smile from ear to ear (indirectly and over the internet) for not only the rest of the day, but probably the rest of the week if not the entire month! 😀

This unexpected, but awesome and sweet moment can be expressed in this lyric from Hunter’s song Flashlight:

“It’s the moments that save my life nobody knows about.”

Thank you once again to Paul, the radio station! You guys are really sweet!!! And I am honestly forever grateful.

From: Rachel 🙂
ps. I watched a few videos from this site and you guys have quite an awesome accent! 😀


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