Most guys are their own worst enemy when it comes to the dating world. Here’s a list that might save you some trouble! Give yourself a shot and don’t knock yourself out of the game too soon!

1) Don’t be so easy to please. – Women love to know that you’re going to challenge them. Sure, it can be easy to melt like butter if she’s saying all the right things and looking at you with that sweet look in her eyes but you gotta keep the pimp hand strong! Don’t be an ass but don’t be a push-over.

2) Don’t be too focused on sex. – They know when all you want is the goods. It’s in your eyes. Don’t get all worked up about getting in their pants too soon because it will come off in your behavior. Focus on other parts of her personality and get to know her a bit before you start getting ready for the mambo wambo.

3) Don’t be possessive too soon. – She likes to know you’ll defend her and be proud of her but don’t be the psycho dude right out of the gates. Don’t ask weird and aggressive questions about her whereabouts before you’re anything more than a texting/lunch buddy.

4) Don’t be cheap. – I’m not saying you have to buy her gifts right out of the gate but don’t invite her to lunch or dinner and then expect her to shell out cash. Unless she offers….you pick up the tab.

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