8 Do’s And Don’ts Of Kissing

Here are a few things you SHOULD be doing and some other’s you should NOT be doing when it comes to kissing.

Don’t Do These Things:

    1. DON’T Kiss Like A Dentist – Your job is not to check them for cavities. You don’t need to take a tongue tour of all of their teeth. Just keep your tongue in check.
    2. DON’T Mop Their Face  – You don’t have to lick them like they’re a lollipop. You don’t have to lick them at all. Keep the tongue as a playful element; more is not merrier.
    3. DON’T Flick Your Tongue  – You are not a lizard and this is not a competitive sport. Tongue speed will not win you any awards and the last thing someone wants is to feel like they are kissing a lizard, or even worse, a snakel
    4. DON’T Kiss With Cottonmouth – Have a glass of water if you have a dry mouth or at least try and work up some moisture before you go in for the kiss. Nobody wants to feel a dry sticky mouth attached to theirs.

Do These Things:

    1. DO Keep Your Breath Fresh – Never underestimate the importance of gum or mints. Seriously, if she wants to kiss you, you’ve got her attention and if you’ve got super fresh breath she’s going to want youEVEN more! Keep gum or tic tacs around and make sure you’re fresh and ready. Nobody wants to kiss someone with dog breath.
    2. DO Tease A Little –  You don’t HAVE to kiss as soon as you go for it..tease her and don’t kiss her lips. Maybe kiss her neck a bit, or under her ear, or her cheek or get really close to kissing her and DON’T…let the anticipation build along with the passion. A little waiting time never hurt anyone.

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