Worst Marriage Proposal Videos Of All Time

Proposing to your love is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking moments in a person’s life. When that proposal goes all kinds of wrong, particularly in a public setting, it makes for a lifetime of shame. But it also yields some really amusing and cringe-worthy YouTube videos. We found some of the most unbelievable marriage proposals that the Internet has to offer. They include:

This compilation, featuring wannabe spouses proposing in the middle of highly public settings (mostly sporting events). All eyes are on the couple. The crowd is invested. And then she flees the scene. Ouch.

Then you’ve got this gem, which took place in a mall in Dubai. He goes through his whole speech, complete with a band accompanying him, but the end result was less than ideal.

You have to feel bad for this guy, who gets down on one knee in front of a stadium full of people, only to have his lady pick up the microphone and explain why she can’t marry him.

See the Worst of the Worst when a poor dude proposes on live television on 103.7 Charlotte


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