A lot of recurring themes in drinking games and here’s one for country music fans!

While you’re listening to the New BUZ’N@102.9 (At Home not driving) get your favorite spirits together and let the fun begin!

Every time you hear the word:

“Baby” = 1 drink

“Truck” = 2 drinks

“Girrrrrl” = 1 shot

“KC Lights” = Chug your beer

“Party” = 3 drinks

“Dirt Road” = 4 drinks

“Sun” = 2 shots

“Moon” = 2 shots

“Love” – Chug your beer

Let’s see how long you last..and please don’t drive after playing this game. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk! Please drink responsibly.

– Nick Russo, 100.3 The Bull Houston

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