Imagine being told that in four months you’d have to wear a bikini on stage to compete for your state’s Miss USA crown. For Miss USA contestant and Miss Arizona Jordan Wessel that thought became a reality.

Wessel has struggled with weight and intestinal issues all her life and began a four-month diet and workout plan a year ago to compete for the Miss Arizona crown.

Losing forty pounds doesn’t sound easy and for Wessel, it wasn’t. She got a personal trainer and worked out twice-a-day five days a-week. However, she claims she used no diet pills and stuck to these five diet commandments.

1) No processed foods or prepackaged meals.

2) No sweets

3) No high-fat foods

4) Lots of fruits and veggies

5) Some carbs but mostly protein

Wessel began her day making homemade “protein waffles” (half a cup of gluten-free oatmeal blended with half a cup of MuscleEgg and half a cup of blueberries) for breakfast, 4 oz. of chicken with salad for lunch and 4 oz. of chicken and steamed veggies for dinner. For snacking, Wessel ate a piece of fruit between breakfast and lunch and “some sort of protein” between lunch and dinner.

I didn’t really know what it felt like to feel healthy,” Wessel told PEOPLE magazine, “My senior year of high school, my stomach was in so much pain and was affecting every part of my body.” Wessel suffers from celiac disease and now needs to eat a gluten-free diet. After realizing it was gluten that was making her sick, Wessel made a bucket-list of sorts. Becoming a model became her number one goal.

Click Here for a more on her diet.

– Greg Thunder, 100.3 The Bull Houston

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