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20140530 131243 Dear Diary   Schnitzels woodticks fire and baby deer 20140531 054546 Dear Diary   Schnitzels woodticks fire and baby deer 20140601 161830 Dear Diary   Schnitzels woodticks fire and baby deer



Dear Diary –

The weekend started as soon as I left the building Friday as I headed out to some bees in the Stillwater – Mahtomedi – Manning avenue area and unbeknownst to be at the time got completely covered in ticks….for a short time – like pretty short –

Because I stopped into the Gasthaus – the Bavarian restaurant over there for some kraut-schnitzel – chocolate yum yum and right after sitting down starting twitching like crazy as I could feel those little buggers start to activate – – all over – couple old timers in there looking at this guy twitchin over there by himself….I think he might be on the narcotics – look at him twitch like that –

I got out in the car and must have looked like I was assaulting myself picking and grabbing all over the place….

Friday afternoon – the John Deere Rider made a horrific thunder clapping type sound complete with smoke of burned metal and sparks – and then blanked the bed.   Boyds Outdoor picked’ er up satruday morning – and apparently it die of shame because of those green and gold colors…..byyyy gawd John Deere can’t we get some purple and Gold? I need to ask Boyd if they can give that thing a decent paint scheme

Worked in the Bees Saturday and Halfway through the Day Fatboy commented that something in the truck smelled horrifically of cat pee – I had noticed earlier but wasn’t going to say anything – Turns out it was me – I left my bee coat in the barn and resident Tom cat apparently decided to spruce it up a little bit… I’d been spending the whole day thinking it was his truck that was lingering in my nasal passages – whoooo….turns out it was me…LOL – Sorry Dear inside of Truck….I’m sorry.

Yesterday on a walk I saw two ears poking up out of the grass and thought it was a bunny…got a little closer and it was a fresh newborn Fawn. SO I picked it up and petted it and fed it some popcorn.

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