Love LOVE Bill Murray’s advice to these guys at a bachelor party he crashed last weekend! He’s spot on. If you travel well, you just might be perfect for each other. Traveling is one of the hardest things to do with another person. It’s unpredictable, you spend almost all your time with that person, and nothing ever goes according to plan.

When I moved here a friend drove the Uhaul with my Jeep hooked up to a trailer behind it. It was February in Utah and the first night it snowed, driving that thing in those conditions was stressful and he took it all out on me. I cried the entire night, don’t yell at me. haha After I got to Minneapolis, I was trying to find a Target and got lost…he got annoyed. I knew I would never be in a relationship with this person, it wouldn’t work…we didn’t travel well together. PLUS! Random adventures are my most fav thing ever! I love when things go wrong, THAT is what makes memories…not the routine or the perfect plans.

Here’s a link to Bill Murray’s full speech, it’s worth watching!

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