By Koffy In The Morning

So these have been around but I have never seen them. Why aren’t more people spreading the love on these!

I have…Eh-Hmmm – sensitive skin that will break out in a rash if I shave with single blades. Which is why you will see me with 5 oclock shadow a lot because I will just keep trimming with the clipper. WHY? Because I HATE paying $17.00 for a pack of 4 mach 5 razors. STUPID.

I was at the ECONO shop there in Somerset for some frozen pizza and a red bull and I saw these. 5 razors with 5 Blades and I think it was like $4(which is under a buck I know but I don’t know if it was a sale when I have looked at them online.)

Used’em – the work GREAT!   Feel like I am going to literally save $100 or more a year now on razors!

20140512 025848 5 Blade Razors at about a Buck a Piece????

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