Viking’s Fans get #Fbomb to Trend!


Immediately after the Minnesota Vikings passed on Johnny Football in the NFL Draft, Social Media outlets exploded with upset fans.

For 1hour  and forty five minutes last night thanks to Vikings fans around the world, the F-word was a top trending #hashtag.

Sources close to the F-word were not surprised saying, “While we weren’t sure if it would happen tonight, we did know it would be a Minnesota Sports franchise that would get our Mother of all Cuss words to finally Trend on Twitter.”

Whether this was a pre-planned event or not is still not clear. Bart Finkleshorts an analyst of Twitter told us, “So many people tweeted just that one word over and over and over again that we are thinking that it’s possible that this was a pre coordinated effort to get the Fbomb to trend. To think that so many people would independently and of their own accord just hashtag THAT word over and over is a little unbelievable.”


Mr. Finkleshorts as we have come to learn is unfamiliar with the history of Minnesota Sports franchises.

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