By Annie Reuter

Kip Moore is putting the final touches on his sophomore album, which is due out this summer. Today (April 14) he revealed the fiery new single off the release, “Dirt Road.”

During an interview with in Las Vegas, where Moore was performing as a New Artist of the Year nominee on the the ACM Awards, he filled us in on the album and why his new single best represents where he’s heading with his new music.

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“I grew up in a small Southern Baptist town, and the song is speaking of what that’s like as a young kid and young teenager,” he told about “Dirt Road.” “[Being] 12, 13 years old [and] trying to understand hellfire, damnation every single Sunday morning. Trying to process that is a tough thing, so that’s where that song originated from, and I think there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to connect with the song.”

Last fall Moore released the single “Young Love,” but when he spoke with us in Las Vegas he said “Dirt Road” is the song he wants to lead with for the record.

“This is the one that introduces you to the new sound off the record the best. This is the one that’s really going to introduce you to what’s coming with this record.”

Moore said he wrote most of the record with bandmate Dan Couch and Westin Davis, but there was “a whole different approach” this time around.

For his first album (2012’s Up All Night), Moore explained, “I would sit down and I’d say, ‘Okay. I’m going to write a song today. I’m going to write a song about this.’ And then I would be done with that song that day. This one, I would come up with grooves and melodies in soundcheck, and then I would live with the song for weeks and months in my bunk listening to it over and over on my little recorder, and then I would let the song come to me a lot more organically. Sometimes I would write the song five different times, five different lyrics, until I found the one that I wanted.”

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