Dustin Lynch Talks New Music During Vegas Gondola Ride

By Annie Reuter

The moment you walk into the Venetian hotel and casino in Las Vegas, you’re instantly transported to Italy. The breathtaking architecture, floor-to-ceiling murals, statues of David and ancient Roman gods, illuminated piazzas and even the animated musicians at the entrance all replicate picturesque Venice. 

When Radio.com learned we’d be headed to Las Vegas to cover the 49th annual Academy of Country Music Awards, riding a gondola on the canal inside the The Venetian was a priority. And lucky for us, Dustin Lynch was up for joining us.

During our romantic ride under the Venetian’s lovely blue ‘sky,’ Lynch filled us in about his upcoming album (due later this year) and his brand-new single “Where It’s At.”

“It’s a new chapter for me musically,” Lynch explained to Radio.com about “Where It’s At,” which was first unveiled to fans last month. “The song is actually a new kind of groove for me. It’s something we haven’t put out to radio yet. It’s less stomping of the boots and more hands in the air kind of thing.”

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Lynch said the song is about “finally not staring at a girl in a bar or a field, we finally get to go home with her.”

“The first time I heard it, it’s infectious,” he continued. “The guitar licks are like earworms, they stay in your head forever. I just thought, ‘What a perfect summertime song.’ It’s about the simple things in life. It’s about the easy. It’s not glam. It’s a girl that’s chillin’ out in her pajamas. There’s nothing better than that, than being with somebody in the comfort of your own home.”

For Lynch, unfortunately, this apparently hasn’t happened in a while, as he had trouble remembering the last time he’d been on a date. “Oh gosh. You know, I haven’t been on a date in years,” he said.

Even if it’s been a while, he does have an image of what would make for a good one. 

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