By Koffy In The Morning

When I left for work Tuesday morning there was this raccoon laying in the driveway. I got out to say hi – his breathing was slow and really didn’t move.

I’m guessing he got hit by a car or fell out of a tree that hangs over the road.  I headed on to work thinking if he was just dazed he’ll walk away if its more serious, nature will take care of it.  I got home around 1pm and little guy was still laying in the same spot, still alive.

Do I shoot him? Do I rescue him?

No visible wounds, still breathing, eye contact is steady, and he was able to move his arms/legs albeit he looked like he was in pain.  When it has to be done, I can do what needs to be done, but this guy had just made it through the whole night and half the day so I didn’t think it was up to me to say game over.

I was surprised by how easily and gently I was able to get him into a big red trash can.  I brought him up to the house and let the can sit in the sun for 15 mins to warm up. IMG_20140408_133136




Thanks to BUZ’N listeners on Twitter I was able to get a hold of the Wildlife Rescue Center in Roseville. IMG_20140408_134835I loaded the can with the coon in the car and hit the road.


He is at the Wildlife Center now, they said it could take a while for him to come out of shock.  I plan on stopping by on my way home to see how he is doing.

When I got back home from dropping the raccoon off, I heard a mess going on in the chimney. I opened the door to the wood stove and this bird flies out.IMG_20140408_175932 This thing hit every window about 6 times HARD before I was able to catch it by throwing my shirt over it.  AND I’m freaking out as I’m running through the house because the cat is running from room to room with me trying to be the first to get it. I set it on the porch and it flew away.

I feel like my Dr. Doolittle skills are growing.



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