I’m going for it! 72 Hours of Green MUSH

IMG_20140404_031621 I am going for it! I am going to do a nothin but greens and fruits weekend and see if I live till Monday weekend! Watched a couple documentaries, read a few article – like this one http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=591_1359034544 , and yeah, they made me want to cleanse.

SO I bought a Ninja thing and a bunch of greens – maybe I screwed up by not getting pure organic veggies, but a start is a start. Oh and I got a mega jar of Beano, because lets be honest…yeah all that.

I kinda started last night but think the Reb Bull on the way in probably threw the purity of things off a bit, and I may go have coffee with the folks at WCCO TV after work, but then…ALL GREEN ALL WEEKEND!




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