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Dear Diary,


Friday Night I was invited to become a member of the Charleston Chiefs  – from Slap Shot – and a gang of us went up to Grantsburg Wisconsin for the ICE RINK BOWLING to benefit their Hockey Club….  You dress up in costume and have a party…and ….we did….pictures online at of all the Hanson Brothers, Dunlop, and Lemeiux….

Diary we had a good feeling we weren’t going to win anything so  – as soon as we got there, we took our pictures with the trophies…

Diary there is this stuff called ICE HOLE that comes in the flavor of Root Beer…and it makes one prone to getting mugged by good time Charlie……somehow I got a lot of raffle tickets……. should be against the Law…somehow at the end of the night I’m in the press box making announcements and arguing with the girl about when they did the drawing for the big meat raffle…apparently I missed it.

Saturday morning came early – breakfast at the OPC in the SCF where we all gathered back up and ate before doing a neighborhood wood cut….bunch of hungover guys…..12 cords of wood  – three log splitters, a skid steer, 10 chainsaws……t – and not one mention of safety…it was perfect.



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